Project Management in New Product Development

Turn Innovative Ideas into Products and Services—and Manage and Control Them Using Project Management Tools.

The first book to integrate project management and product development, Project Management in New Product Development shows you how to manage the translation of ideas into new products and services and get them to market cheaper, better, and faster using advanced project management tools and techniques.

Packed with detailed case studies and illustrations, this unique book explains how to move new products and services quickly from concept to product to market as a managed and seamless process free of problems and delays.

This project tool also shows how to ensure that bad products are stopped at gateway points, before they become product and project failures. Project Management in New Product Development  features:

  • The first integrated treatment of project management and new product development designed for modern, globally oriented firms
  • Numerous case studies covering software, technology, electronics, construction, telecommunications, military, and aerospace
  • 150 informative tables, figures, and graphics

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Essentials of Strategic Project Management

A high-level overview of project management with Essentials of Strategic Project Management, executives get practical guidance, useful advice, tools, and techniques to navigate project management.

This strategically focused book demystifies project management by defining many terms that project managers use that may not be familiar to executives.

It also equips executives with the critical knowledge and background to implement sound project management methods, as well as gain a better understanding of project management and increase the success of existing projects.

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The Project Manager’s Pocket Survival Guide

Troubleshooting tips and techniques for keeping projects and management careers on track

Bestselling author James P. Lewis has become today’s number one authority on the rules of project management in virtually any industry or environment.

Now, in The Project Manager’s Pocket Survival Guide, Dr. Lewis focuses on areas that are often the largest stumbling blocks to project managers both new and experienced, and provides the practical skills and hidden keys necessary for completing projects on time and within budget.

Providing numerous case studies of project management successes and failures in the field, this no-nonsense book explains how to maintain project consistency and success in today’s environment of fast change and even faster innovation.

Managers will obtain new tools and insights for:

  • Understanding the politics of projects
  • Running a successful, results-driven meeting
  • Managing effectively in the project environment

Priceless tips on how to keep your projects and your career on track from today’s #1 expert on effective project management

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, where faster, cheaper, better is the mantra, and your reputation (and job security) is only as sound as the last project you managed, it isn’t enough to be a competent PM, you need to be a great one. Now this book shows you how.

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